Froggy Friday

Here’s a snippet of what we’ve been working on. Happy Friday!


Happy Thanksgiving from Del Rey Studios!

We present to you a turkey in a hot tub of gravy!

Happy Halloween from Del Rey Studios!

Enjoy the #zombie T-Rex!

Cash Cow

Congrats to Wil for receiving over $1K for his Kickstarter project so far! Please become a backer of this project if you haven’t yet, and thank you if you already have.
Now here’s a picture of a cow we created for an upcoming project. Enjoy!

Support Wil!

You’ve watched him work! (from our last post) Our friend/co founder Wil Panganiban has had a successful year with his online comic Frank & Steinway.
He’s now created a Kickstarter project to fund the printing of his comic.
Please support Wil and his dream!

Watch Wil work! (sorta)

Cuddle break!

In addition to vikings, barbarians, goblins and dragons being created here at Del Rey Studios, we also have a softer, cuter, cuddly side.

The Legend of Bill

Take a look below at the guest comic we created for the Legend of Bill! We had a blast working on it!

Got a case of the Mondays?

Then start off your week by checking out this character illustration! 

Comic Con – The rest of it!

Here are the rest of the pictures from our trip to Comic Con on our Flickr or Facebook page.  Enjoy!

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